RFC: More fine-grained D-Bus signals

Joshua Lock josh at linux.intel.com
Sun Jul 12 16:14:49 PDT 2009

Hi Marcel and ConnMan hackers,

I'm wondering if we can reduce both the amount of noise on the bus and
the number of wake-ups if we give some of the properties, particularly
of the manager, their own changed signal.

For example, in the case of carrick, we don't care about connections or
profiles. And if Marcel adds his proposed Technologies property to
Manager then carrick won't care about devices either.

The attached patch adds DevicesChanged, ConnectionsChanged and
ProfilesChanged signals and removes the generic PropertyChanged signal
from the associated code paths and also when the state changes, as there
is a specific StateChanged signal.

Of course, we'd then want to do the same for services and add a
ServicesChanged signal.
We'd probably also want to have GetState, GetDevices, GetProfiles,
GetConnections and GetServices methods to reduce the amount of chatter
on the bus when people are only connected to one of the specific

However, before I embark on the above (which might take more than 5
minutes late of a Sunday evening) I wanted to gather some feedback.

Good idea/bad idea?
If good idea; what other interfaces and properties might benefit from
similar moves?

Joshua Lock
        Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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